New England Technology Advisory Group

The New England Technology Advisory Group (NETAG) was formed to provide technical advice to regional government and business development agencies in the New England area to help promote the regional Digital Economy Strategy.


Local Advice for Local Business

NETAG members represent a broad range of technology companies in the New England region including Computer Support, Hardware Supplies, Software Development, Internet Security, Technical Architecture and Web Development.

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Getting professional technical advice before committing can be the difference between success and failure.  We can help, whether it’s a second opinion or a full technical solution.

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New England Technologists

The New England Technology Advisory Group (NETAG) is an informal group of regional technology specialists with a common aim of assisting the regional government and related agencies in promoting Armidale and the New England region as a Digital Hub.

A combination of the climate, lifestyle, University and the NBN make Armidale a prime location for technology companies to locate, and an excellent choice for professionals looking to leave the city and find a new start in the beautiful setting of New England.

Find out why New England could be the best move you ever made.

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We have expertise in almost every field of technology.  We collaborate with our members and other experts in the region to provide the best possible advice and solutions to your business needs.


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Advice when you need it

Our members cover a lot of ground when it comes to skills and experience and we represent a wide range of specialisations within the technology field.

  • Protection from Hacking
  • Business Software Solutions
  • Networking and IT Infrastructure
  • Web design
  • Technical Architecture
  • Second opinions

Whether it’s a friendly chat or a full blown business solution, we can help.